Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Risk to Your Dental Health

Pumpkin spice latte is the special beverage that people turn to usage of during Halloween but it’s not limited to this October event. This latte has everything which can give your taste buds the very treat they crave for. The aroma and taste of pumpkin spice and coffee is something hard to ignore and miss. But you need to think if it is the healthy beverage. Well, facts suggest that you may be damaging your oral health if you are consuming this latte consistently.

Why it is like this? Let’s discuss a couple of reasons.

Excess of sugar

An important ingredient of pumpkin spice latte in sugar which is usually in higher content. Now, the effects of sugar on dental health are not unknown. Sugar can cause bad oral bacteria to thrive and make a mess of the teeth by releasing acid which can damage the tooth enamel. When enamel is damaged, infections usually find no resistance while entering the inner part of teeth. That’s where tooth decay tends to occur. Worsened tooth decay can transform into cavities which can lead to a number of other infection.

Teeth staining

Staining of teeth is another thing which happens when you drink Pumpkin spice latte. Nobody wants to get his/her teeth stained because discolored teeth make a person to go through embarrassment on a several numbers of occasions due to lack of confidence.

Talking about the way pumpkin spice latte can stain your teeth; it’s mainly about the general vulnerability of teeth. You may find the surface of tooth enamel smooth and shiny. But it generally contains pores of microscopic size. Although there are a lot of food particles which do not enter into the internal part of teeth through these pores, there are a lot of foods which can decompose into particles of microscopic size. Pumpkin spice latte is one of those foods. Its particles are carried by sugar consuming bacteria and they enter through those pores into the teeth. From there, the process of teeth staining initiates, and this process can be quite quicker.

How can you treat both these conditions?

Since it can be difficult for many people to avoid this beverage, treatment options should be there for them.

  1. Teeth’s cleaning is the general dental cleaning process at every dental office. It means that you can avert the occurrence of tooth decay and cavities with the help of biannual dental visits. But it doesn’t really mean that it’s OK to consume this beverage consistently. Its ingredients are still very strong and they can pose serious risk to oral and overall health in a number of ways.
  2. Another process is teeth whitening. This process is specifically for the individuals who are worried about staining of their teeth due to pumpkin spice latte.


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